Vladimir Bulatov abstract creations

VRML corner

This is my collection of small, useless and nice 3D constructions. To see them you will need good VRML browser
such as      CosmoPlayer      or      Cortona

Psychodelic psycho3 icosahedron dodecahedron Great Dodecahedron kaleido_tmb
Psychodelic (Psychodelic)3 Icosahedral thing A crossbreeding of Psychodelic and Icosahedral (ico-psycho ?) Great Dodecahedral Zonohedron (whatever does it mean :) Motion
Poly_movie trefolink evert evert movie


Icosamovie - 20 triangles in permanent motion Trefolink - very tight linked trefoils Sphere eversion - visualization of the famous topoligical procedure Sphere eversion movie Icosahedral Kaleidoscope Icosahedral Ball
easter egg easter
Easter Egg A dozen of eggs





Hyperbolic kaleidoscopes Dynamic HyperKaleidoscope Virtual Kaleidoscopes - all kind of them
collection transformation crowm_movie isohedral flower Tetrahedral transformations. poly_movie
Polyhedra Collection. A Lot of Stuff Polyhedral transformations Polyhedral flower Icosahedral flower Tetrahedral transformations Octahedral transformations
movie_dh5 movie_compl siggraph99 siggraph98 b_ico
Pentagonal transformations Zonoheral completion of dodecahedron Animation of Siggraph99 logo Animation of Siggraph98 logo and demo Invesion of tetrahedral ring Icosahedral butterflies
b_ico_face b_ico_ring
One butterfly Ring of butterflies

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