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HyperProf(v.1.3) - Java profile browser

(always under construction)

This is home of my hyperbolic browser of Java profile. It allows to represent results of Java profiling in more readable way, as well as it offers cool interactive hyperbolic representation of packages, classes, methods and calls of your Java program.

Main features


You can currently download HyperProf-1.3.tar.gz(90K) or HyperProf-1.3.zip (132K). You SHOULD have Java distribution to be able to run HyperProf (what for do you need it otherwise :). You can get it from sunsoft for Windows 95 and Solaris and from other places for all other platforms.


1. A Focus+Context Technique Based on Hyperbolic Geometry for Visualizing Large Hierarchies. - John Lamping, Ramana Rao, and Peter Pirolli
2. Visualizing the Structure of the World Wide Web in 3D Hyperbolic Space. - Tamara Munzner, Paul Burchard

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