Polyhedral kaleidoscope.

Everybody have played with usual kaleidoscope - simple device consisting of 3 mirrors and handful of colored pieces, which creates beautifull patterns, when you look inside.
Not many yet have played with polyhedral kaleidoscope - virtual device consisting of symmetry group of regular polyhedron and small picture, which creates gorgeous patterns on polyhedron's surface. Here you have a chance to try it.

Click to open kaleidoscope.
First column of buttons on the leftrepresents different kaleidoscopes, second column - different patterns. Gray slider with red thumb helps to adjust kaleidoscope's size.

If you don't have yet VRML2.0 browser - than pictures in the table below give your dull static idea of what polyhedral kaleidoscope is and it may encourage you to download WorldView or Cosmo Player VRML2.0 browser.

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