Compounds Composer.

It is never was easer to experiment with polyhedral constructions than in VRML time. Here you can play with an installation for making polyhedra compounds. You can place several polyhedra in one center and rotate and scale them interactivelly to arrange in desirable configuration.
Not all VRML browsers are capable to dipspalyu this VRML model. As on May 2001 I know, that Cortona VRML plugin works OK. For those, who don't have Cortona, the screen shot shows what you are missing.


Polyhedra are selected from lists in floating window in top left corner of screen. They can be rotated directly by mouse drag. Red button in bottom of VRML screen lock and unlock all polyhedra together. Cylindrical slider on the right allows to rescale currently selected polyhedron. Tip: to rotate polyhedron around axis perpendicular to screen do circular movement of mouse with pressed button in opposite direction.

Start Compounds Composer and have fun!

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